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New Easter Egg in RuneCryption

RuneCryption Easter EggUsually, I like to keep Easter Eggs hidden in games. This latest one is a little special, so I thought I would write a little about it.

Someone contacted me a little while ago with an interesting query. His wife has a neurological disorder which affects her short-term memory. He bought RuneCryption hoping it would help her with remembering things. The problem was, that she could not memorize the initial pattern on the easiest level (a 2×2 grid) in the five seconds that it displays before scattering the stones.

For most people, you can click on the Solution button, which puts all the stones back on the game board and the countdown timer starts over again. With her memory issues, that could be a distraction to the memorization process, so I wanted to find a way to help her out.

What I ended up doing was add in a Easter Egg to the settings screen. Invoking the Easter Egg multiplies the timer by 10, giving the level 1 countdown timer 50 seconds before it scatters the stones. Each time the Easter Egg is invoked, it reduces the multiplier x9, x8, x7, and so on, until it gets back to no multiplier. My hopes are that by adding in the multiplier, those who have a hard time memorizing the pattern will be able to increase the countdown timer to the level that is easier to memorize. As memorization gets easier, the multiplier can be reduced to match the new memory level.

As the levels get more complicated, the countdown timer increases. It would be almost impossible to memorize the 48-stone pattern on level 18 in just five seconds, so the game adds more time to the timer as the levels increase. This Easter Egg is an extra bonus that works on all levels.

Even though I’ve outed the Easter Egg itself, I’m going to keep the location a little bit of a mystery. Hopefully you can find it on the Settings screen on your own. If it is something you need to help play the game, hit me up and I’ll be glad to let you know where to find it.

RuneCryption in BlackBerry WorldThe Easter Egg is available in RuneCryption version 1.3. It is already available in BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and PlayBook. An updated version 1.2.2 was previously posted to Amazon’s Appstore to help out this person’s wife. I’m working on the 1.3 update for Android and will have that available on Amazon and Google Play soon.

RuneCryption Online

RuneCryption Main ScreenRuneCryption is now available to play online in your Flash-enabled web browser!

Game Requirements:
- Web browser with Adobe Flash enabled.
- Game Width: 900 pixels
- Game Height: 600 pixels

Click Here to Play!


RuneCryptionIntroducing our new game, RuneCryption!

RuneCryption is a memory/puzzle game. Memorize the pattern of the stones before they scatter, then move the stones back into the original pattern.

The game starts out easy, but gets more difficult as you play through the 18 different levels.High levels are available once you solve the current level (and score points).

Check out our new RuneCryption page for details! RuneCryption is now available for BlackBerry PlayBook on App World and will be BlackBerry 10 compatible when those devices are released.

RuneCryption Game

Barcode Assistant 1.0 Now Available!

Barcode Assistant 1.0

Barcode Assistant v1.0 is now available in BlackBerry World for BlackBerry devices running BBOS versions 5 and 6.

Thank you to everyone who helped during the beta testing phase. This made for a very smooth and quick release!

For more information about Barcode Assistant, head over to our information page!

What is Apodidae?

Apodidae is the genome for a bird called the Swift. The swift is one of the five fastest birds in existence. Our goal is create mobile software that works fast and efficiently on multiple platforms. With that, we felt that the swift was a perfect representation for what we want to achieve:

Swift Mobile Software


Welcome to Apodidae Software, creating swift mobile software for multiple mobile platforms, including BlackBerry, Android, Tizen, and iPhone.

With over 15 years of application development experience, we’re now bringing development to mobile platforms. Look for new and innovative offerings very soon!

You can follow us here as well as on twitter: @apodidae