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RuneCryption is “Built for BlackBerry” Approved!

Built for BlackBerryToday I received an email letting me know that RuneCryption for BlackBerry 10 has been approved for their “Built for BlackBerry” designation.

This means it has been through a rigorous approval process at BlackBerry/RIM and will deliver a quality BlackBerry 10 experience.

I’m completely honored that RuneCryption has successfully gone through the approval process. Not every app will be awarded this special designation, so it means a lot that has been approved.

If you haven’t tried RuneCryption yet, go check it out! If you have downloaded it, please remember to leave a review!

RuneCryption in BlackBerry World

Also available for Android in Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

RuneCryption v1.3.2

RuneCryption Level 3A new update to RuneCryption has gone live. The update is available inBlackBerry World, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Appstore.

This is a minor update, with timer enhancements, updates to the game icon, and adding a Rate button to the Settings/About screen.

Top Paid BlackBerry GameOne of the things I’ve noticed is that RuneCryption is getting a good number of downloads, especially through BlackBerry World. Quite often, it is showing up in the Top Paid Apps, Top Grossing Apps and Games, and Top Grossing Games. Even so, the number of ratings and reviews on all platforms is quite low. The ratings themselves are high – mostly five stars.

Someone suggested to me to add a rating button to the game. Personally, I’m not one who likes nag screens popping up, asking for reviews, but I understand the need to get people to rate games in the different app stores. It’s a funny little catch-22. My compromise was to add it to the Settings/About screen. That way, it is built into the game, available for easy rating, takes you to the appropriate app store, and isn’t nagging you to go rate the game. It’s a much more passive approach, which I prefer.

If you’ve played RuneCryption, I’d be honored if you would rate and leave a review. If you want, you can contact me through he support links, or leave a comment on these posts. I’d love to hear from people and help to make RuneCryption a better game.

If you haven’t tried RuneCryption, check it out and let me know what you think!

RuneCryption in BlackBerry World Android app on Google Play RuneCryption at the Amazon Appstore

RuneCryption featured in BlackBerry World!

RuneCryption for PlayBookToday I was surprised to see RuneCryption for PlayBook in the featured game carousel in BlackBerry World!

This has spurred it on with the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 as well, showing up in the Top Paid Games and Top Grossing Apps and Games sections in the BlackBerry 10 version of BlackBerry World.

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook, Z10, or Q10, check out RuneCryption. Remember to rate and review as well!

RuneCryption for Android v1.3.1

RuneCryption Level 3RuneCryption for Android has been updated to version 1.3.1 in the Google Play Store. This brings it up to date with the BlackBerry version.

Changes include level numbers on the scoring screen, Speed Play enhancements, the timer multiplier Easter egg, and the ability to pause the game while the countdown timer is preparing to scatter the stones.

Version 1.3.1 is available now in the Google Play Store. It has also been submitted to theAndroid Appstore and is awaiting approval for release. I’ll post an announcement as soon as Amazon’s approves the update.

Android app on Google Play

New Easter Egg in RuneCryption

RuneCryption Easter EggUsually, I like to keep Easter Eggs hidden in games. This latest one is a little special, so I thought I would write a little about it.

Someone contacted me a little while ago with an interesting query. His wife has a neurological disorder which affects her short-term memory. He bought RuneCryption hoping it would help her with remembering things. The problem was, that she could not memorize the initial pattern on the easiest level (a 2×2 grid) in the five seconds that it displays before scattering the stones.

For most people, you can click on the Solution button, which puts all the stones back on the game board and the countdown timer starts over again. With her memory issues, that could be a distraction to the memorization process, so I wanted to find a way to help her out.

What I ended up doing was add in a Easter Egg to the settings screen. Invoking the Easter Egg multiplies the timer by 10, giving the level 1 countdown timer 50 seconds before it scatters the stones. Each time the Easter Egg is invoked, it reduces the multiplier x9, x8, x7, and so on, until it gets back to no multiplier. My hopes are that by adding in the multiplier, those who have a hard time memorizing the pattern will be able to increase the countdown timer to the level that is easier to memorize. As memorization gets easier, the multiplier can be reduced to match the new memory level.

As the levels get more complicated, the countdown timer increases. It would be almost impossible to memorize the 48-stone pattern on level 18 in just five seconds, so the game adds more time to the timer as the levels increase. This Easter Egg is an extra bonus that works on all levels.

Even though I’ve outed the Easter Egg itself, I’m going to keep the location a little bit of a mystery. Hopefully you can find it on the Settings screen on your own. If it is something you need to help play the game, hit me up and I’ll be glad to let you know where to find it.

RuneCryption in BlackBerry WorldThe Easter Egg is available in RuneCryption version 1.3. It is already available in BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and PlayBook. An updated version 1.2.2 was previously posted to Amazon’s Appstore to help out this person’s wife. I’m working on the 1.3 update for Android and will have that available on Amazon and Google Play soon.

RuneCryption for BlackBerry v1.3

RuneCryption Level 3RuneCryption for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and PlayBook has been updated to version 1.3 and is now available in BlackBerry World.

One of the things I noticed when someone sent me an image of completing level 18, there wasn’t anything in the scoring window to let me know which level was completed. The only way I knew was based on the runestone score, and that was a little cryptic, even for a pattern matching game named RuneCryption. With this update, the scoring screen now shows the level completed.

Changes include:

  • Level completed indicator.
  • Updates to the Speed Play timers.
  • New hidden Easter egg.

Version 1.3 is available now in BlackBerry World, and the Flash-based web version has also been updated. The Android versions in Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore will be updated very soon.

RuneCryption Level 18 Completed!

RuneCryption Level 18I was sent this image via BBM. Someone actually completed level 18!

Level 18 is the highest level in RuneCryption. It includes 48 rune stones in an 8×6 grid. Since there are 24 rune stones, this means there are two of each stone in the playing area. The game doesn’t care that you get the exact stone on the square where it came from, just as long as the stone matches the starting pattern.

Personally, I usually bog down around level 7 or 8, and I’m the person that wrote the game! To see someone not only determined to complete the highest level, but to actually do so with only a 12 misplaced stones (15 point deduction for each) is quite a feat!

What is the highest level you can complete?

RunCryption 48 Stones

RuneCryption featured in BlackBerry World!

Featured BrainteasersRuneCryption for BlackBerry is one of the featured “Brainteasers” apps for the Z10 and Q10 in BlackBerry World this week!

I’m just thrilled and honored that BlackBerry added RuneCryption to this week’s featured category! It is in some good company, with other nice brain games.

The reviews have been quite good as well! It’s great to see RuneCryption rated so high in BlackBerry World. Even in Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore, RuneCryption has been getting very good reviews.

If you’ve tried out RuneCryption, I’d love to know what you think about the game. It was made with a simple concept that gets more challenging with each level. I keep wondering if anyone would be able to complete all the levels, especially level 18 (memorizing 48 stones in an 8×6 grid).

How many levels can you complete?

RuneCryption for BlackBerry v1.2

RuneCryption on the Q10The 1.2 update of RuneCryption for BlackBerry is approved and now available in BlackBerry World!

The update brings a lot of enhancements including sound effects, larger text on information screens, and a Settings button on the main menu where sounds can be toggled and high scores can be reset to zero.

In preparation for the upcoming BlackBerry Q10, a square formatted game screen was added. This places the timer and game buttons across the top, keeping the game area rectangular.

RuneCryption is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook, the new BlackBerry Z10, and the (coming soon) BackBerry Q10. How many stones can you remember?

RuneCryption in BlackBerry World

RuneCryption v1.2 for Android

RuneCryption on the Q10RuneCryption for Android has been updated to version 1.2.1 in the Google Play Store.

On widescreen devices, the timer and game buttons appear on the right. For devices that have a 3:4 ratio screen or narrower, the timer has been moved to the top, keeping the game play area rectangular.


This has also been added to the upcoming BlackBerry 10 update to accommodate the square Q10 screen that will be released in the near future.

We also had several requests for sound effects. This version now includes sound, as well as the ability to toggle them off and on. The settings screen also includes an option to reset high scores back to zero. This also resets access to game levels.

RuneCryption v.1.2 Changelog:

  • Support for more devices.
  • Game layout changes for non-wide-screen devices (timer on top).
  • Sound effects added.
  • Settings screen added to reset high scores and toggle sound.
  • Additional graphics and icon updates.

RuneCryption on Google PlayRuneCryption 1.2 is available now in the Google Play Store. Updates have been sent to BlackBerry World and Amazon for approval. We’ll announce when those have been approved as soon as they are available!