RuneCryptionIntroducing RuneCryption for BlackBerry 10Kindle Fire and Android!

RuneCryption is a memory-building puzzle game. Memorize the pattern of the stones before they scatter, then move the stones back into the original pattern.

The game starts out easy, but gets more difficult as you play through the 18 different levels.High levels are available once you solve the current level (and score points).

Three different game modes available:

  • Puzzle Mode – Solve the puzzle with no time limits. Great for learning the game and playing at a relaxed pace. There is a time bonus, so solving the puzzle quickly will gain you more points.
  • Challenge Mode – Solve the puzzle before the timer runs out. Advance to the next level solving the puzzle with time remaining, and scoring points.
  • Speed Play – Solve as many puzzles as you can before time runs out. Every time you solve a puzzle, another random puzzle will be created (as long as the timer hasn’t expired).

RuneCryption Screen Shot

There are a couple of helpers to get you through each puzzle:

  • Check – This button will remove any misplaced stones from the game tiles.
  • Solution – Did you forget the original pattern? Pressings this button will display the solution, but be careful using this option. It will take time off the clock and all of the stones will scatter again!


RuneCryption is available for Android devices, Kindle Fire/Fire HD, all BlackBerry 10 devices (Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30) and the BlackBerry PlayBook (OS 2.0 and higher). You can download from App WorldGoogle Play, and the Amazon Appstore through the links below:

RuneCryption in BlackBerry World Android app on Google Play RuneCryption in the Amazon Appstore

 Play RuneCryption in your Web Browser

Video Review of RuneCryption by CrackBerry:


Additional RuneCryption screen shots:



RuneCryption v.1.2 Changelog:

  • Support for more devices.
  • Game layout changes for non-wide-screen devices (timer on top).
  • Sound effects added.
  • Settings screen added to reset high scores and toggle sound.
  • Additional graphics and icon updates.