Apodidae was started in 2010 to create swift mobile applications and games. Current mobile platforms include BlackBerry (BBOS 5/6/7), BlackBerry PlayBook, BlackBerry 10, Flash, and Android. More platforms (iOS, Windows Phone, Tizen) will be added in the near future.

Our goal is to create innovative, easy to use mobile applications and games. Apodidae can also create custom applications for companies as well.

Owner and developer, Chris Hoopes, first started developing applications back in the ’80s. The first released application was a Monopoly-style game for the TI-99/4A in 1983, distributed over FidoNet and Compuserve networks.

Since then, Chris has developed applications for C/PM, DOS, Windows, and web servers for several companies and state-run organizations. With over 20 years of development experience, the move to mobile platforms was a natural transition!

The name Apodidae is a genome for the bird known as the Swift – one of the five fastest birds on earth. The name fits nicely with the idea of creating swift mobile applications!