Privacy Policy

Apodidae does not collect or sell any personal information. None of the applications created for Apodidae store personal information, nor do we collect statistical data.

Scoreloop: Games that tie into Scoreloop only share game information that is tied to your Scoreloop username. No identifying information is kept or shared, other than any terms you agree to when connecting to their service. Scoreloop is an optional service that does not need to be used to play Apodidae games.

Social Sharing: Any applications or games that include the ability to share information are done with complete manual control. The user always decides what and where to share (BBM, Facebook, Twitter…). By sharing information, you agree to monitor and take responsibility for the content you decide to share. No content is monitored, collected, or stored by Apodidae.

Ad Services: Some of our free applications may use ad services to offset the cost of the application. When connecting to an ad service, no personal identifying information is shared other than the information needed to provide ads. Apodidae does not collect any data in conjunction to ad services. Most of the time, ads can be turned off through an in-app purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy.